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Recora and SDCVA Partner on Cardiac Rehabilitation and Address Critical Access Gaps in San Diego County

December 11, 2023

Encinitas, CA - Recora proudly announces its new partnership with San Diego Cardiovascular Associates (SDCVA) to launch a home-based virtual cardiac rehabilitation program. This collaboration responds to the pressing need to improve access to cardiac rehabilitation services in San Diego County, where only 4% of eligible patients currently complete cardiac rehab. Patients often face significant challenges, including traveling up to thirty miles and enduring long wait times of four to six weeks for care.

SDCVA is a well-established cardiology practice in San Diego providing comprehensive cardiovascular care to patients since 1994. Founded by Drs. John Backman and Martin Charlat, SDCVA has built a reputation for its commitment to patient-centered care and clinical excellence.

By partnering with SDCVA, Recora is committed to addressing these critical gaps in cardiac rehabilitation services in San Diego County.

The Recora and SDCVA partnership offers a range of benefits for patients recovering from a qualifying heart event, including:

  1. Virtual Cardiac Rehabilitation: Patients will have access to an innovative virtual cardiac rehabilitation platform, allowing them to participate in supervised exercise sessions and educational programs remotely, eliminating the need for lengthy commutes.
  1. Personalized Care: The program will provide highly individualized care plans, enabling patients to achieve their rehabilitation goals effectively, with no need to wait for weeks.
  1. Remote Monitoring: Recora's advanced technology will allow healthcare providers to monitor patient progress and make real-time adjustments to their care plans.
  1. Application Support: Recora’s application provides an education and communication platform with nurses, cardiac therapists, and other care team members.

"Recora is excited to partner with San Diego Cardiovascular Associates (SDCVA) to address the critical gaps in cardiac rehabilitation access in San Diego County," said Abhishek Chandra, CEO of Recora. "Our collaboration will empower patients to actively participate in their recovery journey without the burden of lengthy travel and wait times, ensuring they receive the highest standard of care."

Dr. Damian Rasch of SDCVA shared his enthusiasm about the partnership, saying, "Our mission is to provide exceptional cardiac care to our patients, and this partnership with Recora allows us to extend that commitment to virtual cardiac rehabilitation. We believe this innovative approach will significantly impact cardiac rehabilitation engagement in our community."

About Recora:

Recora's mission is to redefine the future of heart health. Recora's Cardiac Recovery Program for health systems, medical groups, and health plans makes recovering from a cardiac event easier through immersive programs delivered online. With Recora, healthcare providers are able to establish a longitudinal relationship with patients and help them live longer, fuller lives. For more information about Recora's platform, please visit

About San Diego Cardiovascular Associates (SDCVA):

San Diego Cardiovascular Associates (SDCVA) is a distinguished cardiology practice with a long history of providing comprehensive cardiovascular care to patients in the San Diego area. Founded by Drs. Charlat and Backman, SDCVA is known for its commitment to patient-centered care and clinical excellence. Their team of experienced cardiologists and healthcare professionals is dedicated to improving the cardiovascular health of the community. For more information, visit

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