Continuous Cardiac Care In The Home.

Empowers patients to recover at home and strengthen relationships with their healthcare team.

Exercise routines with Recora

A True Partner For Cardiac Recovery.

Survivors of a cardiac event need a strong relationship with their healthcare team to make transformative change. Yet one in four patients don’t attend a follow up and 40% are not loyal to their providers. Go beyond virtual rehab to build a continuous relationship with heart disease patients.

Ensure continuity of care across the patient’s healthcare team

Improve patient outcomes

Increase patient engagement

Maximize ROI of cardiac rehab programs

Drive patient loyalty

Identify care gaps and referrals

"Recora's virtual-first approach allows us to further scale the reach and impact of Geisinger's outstanding cardiac rehabilitation program to patients. Enabling patients to recover from the comfort of their own home will certainly increase the uptake of cardiac rehabilitation."

Simple and Seamless Integration.

Recora will “plug-and-play” into a health system’s existing cardiac program, starting with virtual rehab. We customize our Cardiac Recovery Program based on the philosophy of the provider’s cardiac department and provide EHR documentation for continuous care.

Proven Results That Make a Difference.

Hospital readmission for Recora patients vs. national average of 43%
Recora Cardiac Recovery Program completion rate vs. national average of 26%
Recora patients experience blood pressure improvements
Recora patients adhere to their cardiac medication

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