Cardiac Recovery In The Home.

Empowers patients to recover at home and strengthen relationships with their healthcare team.

Exercise routines with Recora

A True Partner For Cardiac Recovery.

Many patients are new to a health system or live too far to get meaningful recovery. Recora partners by providing a live, virtual program that is tailored to patients in their phase of cardiac recovery.

Continuity of care across the patient’s healthcare team

Improve patient outcomes

Increase patient engagement, especially those in rural areas

Improve ROI of cardiac rehab programs

Drive patient loyalty

Identify care gaps and referrals

"Recora's virtual-first approach allows us to further scale the reach and impact of Geisinger's outstanding cardiac rehabilitation program to patients. Enabling patients to recover from the comfort of their own home will certainly increase the uptake of cardiac rehabilitation."

Simple and Seamless Integration.

Recora amplifies your existing cardiac program, starting with virtual rehab. We customize the program in partnership with the cardiac department.

Results That Make a Difference.

Fewer hospitalizations after Virtual Cardiac Recovery on average vs. without cardiac rehab
80+ NPS Score on average
Patients with blood pressure improvements due to diet and exercise on average
Patients adhere to their cardiac medication on average

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