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Access personalized tools and guidance to recover and transform your life.

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Patient Stories

Join thousands of Recora patients who have improved their health and added years to their lives - see the following patient stories to learn more about what you can expect from Recora's virtual recovery program.

Meet Doris - Recora Patient
Meet Doris
93 year old patient

"It invigorated me so that I'm doing my exercises again and I'm walking better. I thank Recora for all they've done for me."

Meet Roy - Recora Patient
Meet Roy
90 year old patient

"I do my 25-minute walking a day and I can tell that I'm stronger than I was before I started the program."

Meet Veronica - Recora Patient
Meet Veronica
78 year old patient

"After the program, I feel wonderful. I feel energized and ready to meet the world."

Doris' StoryRoy's StoryVeronica's Story

Here's how Recora works

Step 1

Receive the Recora Recovery Kit

We'll send you a personalized recovery kit based on your clinical needs and comfort with technology.

  • Resistance bands

  • Blood pressure / heart rate monitor

  • Recora swag

Step 2

Start the Recora Program

We work closely with your health care provider to design a recovery program that goes beyond a virtual appointment.

  • 2-3 Rehabilitation and Recora Care Team sessions per week, covering everything from live exercise to stability, diet, and more

  • Rich content library with personalized education modules

  • Live exercise sessions with coaching, education, and active monitoring

  • Online chat with Recora Care Team

  • Session scheduling and reminders

Step 3

Connect With Your Recora Care Team

You're also assigned a Recora Care Team of multidisciplinary specialists for continuous, ongoing support - whenever and wherever you might need it.

  • Physician

  • Nurse

  • Exercise physiologist

  • Health coach

  • Dietician

  • Other specialists as needed

Step 4

Receive Ongoing Support

Even when you've finished your cardiac recovery program, you can review educational modules or connect with your care team. Heart health is a lifelong journey. We're here for you every step of the way.

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