Redefining The Future of Heart Health.

One in three people die of heart disease - it's time to change that. We're redesigning heart health from the ground up so that everyone can live fuller lives.

Recora Recovery Program
Cardiac Recovery

Patients deserve more than just a 12-week post-event program. Our Cardiac Recovery Program provides the tools and guidance that patients need to restore their heart health and transform their lives.

Hospital readmission for Recora patients vs. national average of 43%
Recora Cardiac Recovery Program completion rate vs. national average of 26%
Recora patients experience blood pressure improvements
Recora patients adhere to their cardiac medication

An Immersive Experience That Patients Love.

We empower patients to manage their heart health from home, while enabling providers and payers to provide continuous cardiac care and strengthen patient relationships.

Recora Recovery Kit mockup

Recora Recovery Kit

Recora Program

Recora Care Team

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H.R. 1406 is a critical bill to help heart disease patients continue to recover at home. Take action today by signing to share your support.

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H.R. 1406 Bill

"I felt like I was getting more short of breath than normal. I talked to Lindsey at our session and she helped me and even connected me with my doctor."

77 year old Recora patient

“Thank you for answering my questions about DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension). You took the time to explain it and show me how I can eat better."

65 year old Recora patient

"Thank you! I can’t wait for our check in! Till then...miss you guys!!!"

65 year old Recora patient

"I've been anxious after my heart attack and felt like my heart is racing. I talked about it with my coach Courtney, and she really helped me. I'm starting to feel more at ease."

65 year old Recora patient

"I really like your program. I was worried about this tablet, but you've been patient and have helped me learn how to use it. Now I can join sessions on my own."

91 year old Recora patient

“I am really enjoying the one-on-one instruction.”

69 year old Recora patient

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