Close a Key Care Gap.

Deliver a value-based, longitudinal cardiac care model that improves spend efficiency and patient outcomes.

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Recovery That Goes Beyond Rehab.

True cardiac care is more than just post-event rehab. With Recora's Cardiac Recovery Program, provide the right types of clinical interventions at home to increase engagement, close key care gaps, and improve member satisfaction.

Serve tens of thousands of members at scale

Increase member completion rates

Reduce hospital readmissions

Generate demand for cardiac recovery programs

Drive member engagement and satisfaction

Lower MLR, increase star ratings, and improve documentation for RAF scores

Proven Results That Make a Difference.

Hospital readmission for Recora patients vs. national average of 43%
Recora Cardiac Recovery Program completion rate vs. national average of 26%
Recora patients experience blood pressure improvements
Recora patients adhere to their cardiac medication

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