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Recora and Arizona Heart Rhythm Center Open New Virtual Care Service for Heart Disease Patients

June 21, 2023

NEW YORK, June 21, 2023 ( - Recora, the leader in virtual cardiac recovery, today announced its partnership with Arizona Heart Rhythm Center to provide virtual cardiac rehabilitation services for heart disease patients in the practices service area. The virtual care program expands upon Arizona Heart Rhythm Center's mission to provide the latest treatment options and achieve superior outcomes for patients.

Recora's Virtual Recovery Program is a turnkey solution for providers that delivers the technology, staffing, and outreach required to launch and maintain the delivery of virtual cardiac rehabilitation to patients. By offering this virtual care solution, Arizona Heart Rhythm Center is seeking to improve enrollment, engagement, and program completion for heart disease patients throughout its cardiovascular specialists' offices serving the Phoenix, Sun City, Gilbert, Prescott, and Yuma communities.

"Partnering with Recora to offer virtual cardiac rehab to our patients was a natural step in our strategy to offer the best, cutting-edge care to our patients," said Dr. Vijay Swarup, Medical Director, Arizona Heart Rhythm Center. "This technology creates an entirely new level of access for heart disease patients in our community to properly address the necessary steps to complete cardiac rehabilitation and improve their health to add years to their lives."

The Recora Program includes many virtual tools to keep patients connected throughout their recovery journey, including on-demand support from care teams, 24/7 chat, and additional resources to meet their customized needs along the way.

"It's an honor for Recora to partner with Arizona Heart Rhythm Center and expand access to so many heart disease patients throughout the state of Arizona," said Recora CEO Abhishek Chandra. "There has long been a problem in cardiac rehabilitation where patient enrollment and engagement remains very low despite overwhelming evidence to the benefits of cardiac rehab. Arizona Heart Rhythm Center can make a tremendous impact by offering a virtual solution to help solve these critical access issues."

Recora's Cardiac Recovery Program has garnered industry-leading results that include:

  • 15% hospital readmission rate for Recora patients, versus the national average of 43% across Medicare patients with heart failure at six months.
  • 87% Recora cardiac recovery program completion rate, versus the national average of 26%.
  • 80% of patients with hypertension markedly improved their blood pressure due to diet and exercise
  • 94% of Recora patients adhere to their cardiac medication.
  • 80% improvement of distance and strength gains among Recora patients.


Recora's mission is to redefine the future of heart health. Recora's Cardiac Recovery Program for health systems, medical groups and health plans makes it easier to recover from a cardiac event through immersive programs delivered online. With Recora, healthcare providers are able to establish a longitudinal relationship with patients and help them live longer, fuller lives. To learn more, visit


Arizona Heart Rhythm Center is internationally recognized for its innovation, exemplary care, superior outcomes, and patient experience. Our mission is to provide the latest treatment options, and our goal is to achieve superior outcomes. We continuously explore innovative and improved technologies in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias and heart failure. Our doctors are experienced clinician-scientists engaged in international clinical research. Our commitment to cutting edge-medicine and higher levels of expertise results in our center having access to the newest therapies. Therefore, patients are frequently among the first to benefit from these new and improved treatments.

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