Going Beyond Virtual - How cardiac recovery creates immersive experiences for heart patients

March 14, 2022

Cardiac rehabilitation services have declined during the COVID-19 pandemic, with an estimated 75 percent of in-person cardiac rehab programs ceasing operations since 2020. The reason? The service can be costly to provide, patient access can be limited, and it's difficult to ensure continuity of cardiac care after the initial 12-week program.

Yet cardiac rehab is proven to be a critical life-saving treatment program after a cardiac event, reducing all-cause hospital readmissions by 31% and all-cause mortality by 24% over one to three years. While some patients require in-person rehab, the majority do not and there has been a move towards a "new normal" where virtual and in-person care are increasingly merged. How can providers better scale patient programs such as cardiac recovery while ensuring better outcomes, a lower cost of care and patient loyalty?

During this webinar, hear from leaders at Geisinger Health System and Recora on:

- The three key challenges with cardiac rehab today

- How virtual care can pave the way for improving cardiac care and long-term recovery

- Why Geisinger Health System adopted a virtual cardiac recovery program and results seen to date

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