Closing Care Gaps through Technology and Value-based Initiatives

May 20, 2022

Care gaps are common across the country, especially where there is limited access to care. Care gaps may result from insufficient treatment plans, missed appointments, or misdirected specialty care. Ultimately, these care gaps lead to hospitalizations, higher cost of care, and lower performance on value-based care contracts. Closing these gaps requires a multifaceted, value-based approach - one that leverages the data, technology, and patient engagement teams at a health institution’s disposal.

During this webinar, healthcare leaders from Stanford, Geisinger, and Recora, share insights on:

- The most common care gaps

- The cost these care gaps impose for health systems and the impact of a value-based care approach

- Leveraging programs like Recora’s Cardiac Recovery Program to improve access, close care gaps, and improve patient engagement

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