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Who We Are

Recora is a team of interdisciplinary care providers who are experts in cardiac rehabilitation. Our staff consists of clinicians, health coaches, dietitians, and exercise specialists. Our ACSM-Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologists are also specifically trained in home-based care using clinical protocols developed by cardiologists and rehabilitation specialists.

Recora Program

Our cardiac patients at hospitals and SNFs would frequently ask, “How do I continue my cardiac recovery once discharged home?” Recora was founded and designed to address this very need. For many, this missed opportunity can lead to care gaps and readmissions. Recora expands access to this life-saving intervention, with a focus on clinical outcomes, member engagement and convenience for patients.

How to Order

If you have patients in mind, you can place an order for cardiac rehabilitation in Epic, for Recora to outreach them, or fill out the information below. Your patients can also get started by calling 1-888-RECORA-1 to set up an introductory call. We drive the process from there, from verification to enrollment.



PCPs or Specialists refer patients to cardiac rehabilitation. We handle patient verification and prior authorization, while keeping providers regularly informed on patient progress.


We complete an assessment to ensure cardiac rehabilitation is a fit for patients. We discuss health conditions, home environment, and behavioral health needs.


Our clinicians develop an individualized care plan for a 12-18 week home-based rehabilitation program that is focused on lifelong exercise and healthy behaviors.

Onboarding & Care

We onboard patients and begin live virtual coaching and exercise 2 to 3 times per week. Patients are invited to join community and peer groups.

Completion & Maintenance

After patients complete a program, they retain access to the platform to encourage lifelong healthy behaviors.

Our Evidence Base

Who We Serve

Recora is designed specifically for the older adult. The prevalence of cardiac disease rises with age and disproportionately affects our seniors. This situation is further exacerbated by increasing isolation, unaddressed social determinants and behavioral health needs.

Working with the leading researchers in older adult design, we’ve built our services for ease of use and engagement for older adults.

We keep older patients engaged using a technology platform designed for them. It’s simple, clear, and designed to allow communication flexibility across video, phone, text, and secure messaging.

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